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Student Success Stories

"Kevin I entered your Buy and Sell set ups yesterday. I placed these US stocks in premarket hours with SL and TP. Thanks to TMO stock opening with huge gap I was up around 3K in profit. 3K in 5 minutes of trading. Thank you very much Kevin."

- Peter M.

"I just want to say to all those newbies just forget what you know and just trust this system I just doubled my account in 1 week thanks to Kevin's guidance so keep the faith and you will be rewarded."

- Gregory M.

"Just came back from getting a hair cut wow have things turned around from October. I am up another 98 pips and $700 on EAU/AUD and a trade I took before I left on EUR/USD up 230 pips and $1,325 so far this afternoon. So another $2K this afternoon"

- Jon T.

Kevin Dixon has taught tens of thousands of students trading in various markets over the years. His teaching background goes back over 20 years, and includes a peer mentorship at Fidelity Investments, countless television and radio appearances, introductory trading courses at the University of Texas-Dallas as a guest instructor, and 7 years of experience instructing classes on Forex, stocks, options and futures across the nation. Kevin has lectured at countless trade seminars ,and presented multiple breakout sessions over the years. Today, he can often be found teaching aspiring investors at Market Traders Institute, a leading financial education Institute… And you can dip into the market with him in a real-time trading session.

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